Alicea Walker

Support Worker

I left school at 16 and went onto study childcare at college. Since then I have worked in different places doing different roles mostly with kids I then went into working in care but with the elderly all in which I have gained experience that is transferable, I knew when I worked as a teaching assistant and got placed with kids that had challenging behaviours and ASN that it’s the kind of work I wanted to pursue, making a difference to their lives and helping them achieve things they are more than capable of with that extra help. Ensuring that each individual is treated equally and things are adapted to their needs. I’ve only worked with CQC for a couple of months now but it has been a great experience learning new things each day on the job and that no day is the same, as well as providing care and teaching the young people new things and adapting to their lifestyle I am also learning new things through the transfer taking it on as a team and helping achieve the best outcome together. It’s a job I enjoy going to and it doesn’t feel like work, it’s very rewarding and I look forward to continuing my career in this setting.

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