The carer can take you shopping and assist you with this or, if this is not practical, the Carer can go shopping for you.

Any amount of money given to a carer for this purpose will be recorded and signed for and all receipts will be given to the client. We will also assist you with putting your shopping away and help you gain confidence in completing a shopping trip.

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Cumbria Quality Care can provide a staff member to either take you shopping or do the shopping for you.

Staff will support you to compile your list and escort you in their vehicle to whichever shops you wish to visit. Staff are on hand for bag packing and lifting the shopping in and out of the car and in to your home.

If you wish for the staff member to go for you, a finance record will be put in place and receipts submitted; staff will ensure they know which alternative items you would accept if your chosen item is not available.


If our Shopping Services sounds like they're suitable for your requirements, please do not hesitate get in touch with us.

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