Aiesha Johnstone

Shift Lead

I have worked for Cumbria Quality Care since September 2022.I have always been eager to start support work. It’s always been a big interest of mine. 


Cumbria Quality Care have  gave me the opportunity to  start my role as a support worker/shift lead working with a range of diverse and complex needs from mental health to learning disabilities.In my time with Cumbria quality care they have offered me a wide variety of training and opportunities to grow my skill set and develop as a support worker. I have gained so much knowledge not just management but the teams I have worked alongside with. Who are supportive and understanding and always eager to think of new creative ways to better the lives of our service users. 


I have found been a support worker for young people and adults is a very rewarding job and I look forward to work every day knowing I can help benefit service users lives providing the best care possible. 


Cumbria quality care are just as supportive as well as understanding with their staff team as are for their service users. They are a great company to work for. 


Would you like to work alongside Aiesha, delivering outstanding person centred care to our clients? Work with Cumbria Quality Care.