We are a people centred organisation, where personalities of carers are matched to personalities of our clients.

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People who live alone in the community can become isolated and very lonely, or people who care for someone else may need a break. We provide this service to meet these needs.

This may include outings - carers are fully insured to take clients out and a risk assessment will be carried out to ensure the Health & Safety of activities, or just a friendly chat.

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Day Services

Our Day Services take place at our centre, running on weekdays and offering clients the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities, allowing them to socialise on a regular basis.

Transport to and from the centre is available for clients and whilst at the centre, clients will be offered practical assistance where required.

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Supported Living

We provide supported living to individuals who wish to live within their own home but require permanent support to do this.

We will provide a small team to support your needs within your home, ensuring you receive continuity of care.

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Domestic Care

Cumbria Quality Care can provide support with a range of domestic duties.

Instruction will be taken from the client as to the way they like things to be done. We will always ensure that we perform these duties to a high standard and will keep an accurate log of work completed.

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End of Life Care

Our compassionate and empathetic staff are highly trained and skilled to support individuals and their loved ones during this time.

Personal care, medications, companionship support and sleepovers are available.

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Hospital Visits

It may be that you require assistance, from time to time, with attending hospital appointments.

The carer can take you there and bring you home afterwards. If you wish, the carer can attend the appointment with you to offer reassurance or assistance with communication or filling forms in. Confidentiality is maintained at all times.

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Medication Assistance

Medication tasks provided by our staff include the prompting of medication, administration of medication, creams and patches applications, support stockings and eye and ear drops.

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Overnight & 24 Hour Care

We provide a service of overnight care.

This may be a working night wherein the carer is required to provide assistance with personal care tasks needed during the night, or it may be a sleeping night where the carer will sleep over and provide assistance if required.

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Personal Care

We provide assistance with all personal hygiene tasks, including washing, bathing or showering, shaving & hair, teeth/dentures and toileting requirements such as pads, catheters and convenes.

A high degree of privacy and dignity are maintained at all times. Clients’ preferences and choices are upheld at all times. All our staff are fully trained in all areas of personal care.

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The carer can take you shopping and assist you with this or, if this is not practical, the Carer can go shopping for you.

Any amount of money given to a carer for this purpose will be recorded and signed for and all receipts will be given to the client. We will also assist you with putting your shopping away and help you gain confidence in completing a shopping trip.

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