Sharon Baxter


I have worked in a variety of roles within health and social care for over 25 years and gained experience working with adults and children with learning disabilities, behavioural, emotional and social difficulties, the elderly and adults with physical disabilities.

Throughout all of my roles I have always had the same passion for ensuring everyone is treated with respect and dignity and supported to live their life to the fullest they can whilst promoting each individual’s independence.

After 14 years of doing a variety of roles, I felt that I had gained enough skills to set up my own business, ensuring I could have a further impact on supporting those that need support. Although being a business owner comes with its own challenges it allows me to ensure the ethos of Cumbria Quality Care is fed through to all of our staff team and we maintain a service that is achieving the goals we set out, which is, to ensure that all individuals who require support can be provided with this, it is delivered in a personal centred way, ensuring that each individuals needs are met and they are supported to maintain independence and meet their full potential. We ensure every individual is treated with respect, dignity and kept safe and their personal centred support plan is delivered by highly skilled and trained staff.

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