Siobhan Kelly

Advanced Support Worker

I joined Cumbria Quality Care back in December 2022, I had previously been working within crisis teams/medical practices within the Cumbria locality but decided to make a complete career change and take the risk, I am so glad I did.

I thoroughly enjoy my role as a support worker/shift lead within the company as the care given to service users from our team is exceptional and we make differences to lives each and every day, ensuring they feel supported, respected and happy. I leave work every day feeling satisfied, not only from the work we do with clients but also from our management team who are always on call should we need further support, not only that but constant praise for the work we do which makes us feel rewarded as a team.

Each and every service user we work with has a tailor-made care package suited to them and their needs, this allows things to feel more personalised to them and helps support them in the best way we possibly can – I am very happy to have made this leap in my career and I can’t wait to see what opportunities it may bring in the future.

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