Steph Graham

Day Services Manager

I joined CQC in December 2022 after working in homecare for 7 years looking after individuals their owns homes. I looked after my mum for 8 years after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which moved to her bones and eventually her brain. Her final week we received help from carer’s and it was their amazing help and support that made me want to become a carer and hopefully help other families like they helped me.

After doing homecare for 7 years I felt ready to move on to something a little different, I joined CQC working in day services and also doing a bit of homecare.

In January I was delighted to become manager of the day services, I absolutely love my job spending quality time with people hearing stories about their lives, seeing friendships grow and giving people a place to socialise but also their partners and families a break.

In February I also started supported living for a young girl with complex needs, this was quite daunting at first as I’d never done anything like this before but as a team we have all worked hard and supported each other and its an amazing part of my work life, she’s an incredible young girl.

I love my job and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given ❤️

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